Mentoring for Looked After Children

Among the most vulnerable people in our society many will have suffered physical, psychological and emotional abuse, loss, deprivation and trauma.

“We take pride in fulfilling our mission of using real life experiences to enhance and facilitate change”

Angela Whiteley


We are passionate about providing support and empowering Looked After Children to start building the lives they want for themselves.

We inspire them to challenge the beliefs they have about themselves and the powerlessness they so often feel about determining the course of their own lives. By creating a safe, supportive space for these young people to be honest with and about themselves; our mentors are able to encourage a reframing of their worldview. We ask them to consider the challenges that have underpinned their experiences of relationships, education, trust and respect. We help them reflect on the external forces that have led them to where they are now, and then we inspire them to see the power they have in shaping their own futures.

Our mentoring programme for Looked After Children
Designed to help tackle the underlying beliefs these young people have about themselves and the world around them; our mentoring programme for Looked After Children comprises of 12 targeted steps aimed at encouraging young people to consider themselves in relation to the experiences they have lived through.

The risks to young people of persistent inconsistent care

Young people who experience persistent social, emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties are more vulnerable to drug and alcohol use, exploitation, knife crime, gang affiliation, criminality and prison. Those with the additional risk factor of having experienced inconsistent care and a lack of healthy, supportive relationships, are even more vulnerable to finding themselves being drawn into risky situations that they are ill-equipped to manage.

We model relationships that are built on positive communication, trust and respect and aim to create a safe, nurturing, non-judgemental space for each young person to grow within.

It is through this safe space that our mentors are able to encourage young people to recognise and restructure the beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that are unhelpful to them, and encourage them to become confident, resilient young people with hopes, aspirations and goals. Our mentors have been where these young people are; they have faced the same challenges and, with grit and determination, have made it to the other side. It is this real-life experience that forms the basis of everything we do in the Challenging Me programme.

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