Summer Mentoring Programme

Many young people struggle with the unstructured nature of the summer holidays. Sadly, for a significant number getting six weeks off from school means spending six, uninterrupted weeks in an environment that is at best challenging and at worst, harmful.

About this programme

The Challenging Me Summer Mentoring Programme is designed to provide fun, enjoyment, structure and focus over the summer holidays, engaging these young people on a fundamental level and channelling their energy constructively. We use our decades of real-life experience to challenge them to reflect on who they are, how they came to be where they are, and to think about what they want from life and the future. Through the prism of shared experience, our mentors are able to build trust with these young people and challenge them to see the possibilities and successes their life could hold, as well as helping them develop the self-awareness, self-esteem and self-belief these young people need to begin making positive changes towards their goals.

By teaching important life-skills like self-discipline, fairness, and consideration and respect for others, our mentors are able to challenge the way these young people see themselves in relation to the world around them and the relationships they have experienced. We aim to decrease the amount of stress and anxiety these young people feel, helping them identify trigger points for conflict and arming them with de-escalation and conflict-resolution strategies. And wherever appropriate, we’ll embark on a fun journey through developing other life-skills like cooking, budgeting and money management.

Our hope is that we can inspire young people to become confident, resilient young people with hopes, aspiration and goals, and make a long-lasting, positive impact on the way they think about themselves and their place in the world.

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