AD – Verbally and Physically Abusive

Young Person: AD
Client: Triangle Care Group

Reason for referrals:

AD was referred to our service because of previous negative behaviours within his placement such as theft of staff property and theft of a staff member’s car. AD had been known to be verbally and physically abusive to staff and use racist language. AD has anxiety and struggled to leave his placement without support from staff. AD was struggling to cope with negative emotions and needed support to work on his anger issues and find healthy coping mechanisms. There were lots of issues within his family, especially with his mother whose strong religious beliefs were sharply contrasting of AD’s life choices and identity.

How did we approach the issue:

AD’s mentor helped him to feel confident being himself and encouraged him to express himself in any way that felt natural to him. His mentor explained to him that the things that make him unique are something to be proud of and not ashamed of. AD started to feel comfortable talking about the kind of music that he likes and his mentor even encouraged him to start taking music lessons.

AD’s mentor used his newfound love of music to encourage him to go to college where he could study music. His mentor then supported him to find a college and a course that AD wanted to apply for. AD enrolled in college and has since passed his first year.
Since attending college his levels of independence have improved and his newfound confidence engaging with peers has meant that he has been able to develop positive friendships with some peers who share his interests.

AD’s mentor taught him communication skills so that he was able to express himself clearly and verbalise his views and emotions which gave staff further insight into the reasons behind his behaviours. This then helped his staff team at his placement to better support his needs and help him to work through his issues through appropriate interventions and support.

His mentor role played conflict resolution skills and we soon started to witness AD putting these skills into practise when he disagreed with staff at his placement. Eventually, all incidents of violent and aggressive behaviour disappeared and his attitude towards professionals who were trying to support him became much more positive. He started to talk positively about his future and became willing to listen to advice and accept support.

AD currently attends college full time and there have been no recent behavioural incidents within his placement. AD’s emotional wellbeing has drastically improved and he now has a much more positive self-image.

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